2021-09-13 14:18
阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2021年9期


Dont ignore the disabled

Dont ignore the disabled In our daily life, some people are unfortunate to lose their sight, lose their hearing and so on. To be the disabled, they lead a very hard life, but they still struggle to keep alive. We should not turn our backs on them. Instead, we are supposed to give them a hand. In order to make the disabled peoples life much easier and more convenient, we can help them by doing some little things, such as, offering our seats to them on the bus, showing them the right way on the road, leading them across the street and so on. If all of us can offer our love and show our warmth to the disabled, our word will be more beautiful and harmonious.


Development of Transportation

Transportation has been greatly changed in the past few years. In ancient days, people used to travel by horse or carriage. The journey was often tiring and tedious. Then people had buses, trains and ships, which could shorten the time of the long-distance trip. Now we have not only more private cars, but also planes and high-speed rails. All of these modern transports could offer us a quick and pleasant travel. Thus, more and more people enjoy traveling very much these days. In conclusion, modern transportation has completely changed our life. Thanks to modern transportation, our world is becoming smaller and smaller.


How to Help Old People Live Better

With the improvement of living conditions, more and more people can live longer. However, many old people always suffer from loneliness, which is one of the major problems in todays society. To make the old people live better, some good advice must be followed. Firstly, the young should spare more time to talk and communicate with their parents, so as to relieve their loneliness. Secondly, the old ought to understand the work pressure and family burden of the young. Furthermore, the society are supposed to organize more activities for the old, so that they can make more friends and have more joys and happiness in their life.


Its Useful to Read Stories

These are lots of books in our daily life. Some are about history, some are novels, and some are even about the dream in the future. I think its useful to read stories, because it can be used sometimes. Once, there was a very difficult question in an important history exam history, which wasnt mentioned in our history books, even our teacher has never told us about it. But I remembered clearly that I had read it in a history story, so I answered the question without difficulty and became the only student in our class who answered the question correctly. In my view, its useful to read stories.


Playing Basketball

Everyone has a hobby. I like doing sports and I like playing basketball the best. So I decided to play basketball every morning with my classmates. Today, the weather was nice. Early in the morning, I got up and worn clothes quickly. When I arrived at the basketball ground, my classmates have already been there. First, we ran around the basketball ground so that we could play better in the game. After that, we began to play basketball. In the end, we beat another team. Although we all felt tired, we were happy and proud.


Mid-autumn Festival

Mid-autumn Festival Mid-autumn festival is one of the most important festivals for Chinese people. At that time, people will come back home and spend time with their families. The meaning of this festival is to provide people a chance to get reunion. Chinese people pay special attention to the family reunion. It is a good tradition, which is inherited for thousands of years. Mooncake is the classic food, which can represent this festival. The most exciting moment for me is to appreciate the moon at the balcony and chat with my families. We eat some snacks and talk so happily. Mid-autumn Festival is part of Chinese culture and should be reserved forever.

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