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中学生英语·阅读与写作 2014年9期


- Passage 1 -

When I was ten, my mother worked all day so I had to babysit my y 1 brother. At that time my little brother was about four years old and he missed mum all the time.

One day, after we had dinner, he started crying for mum. So I dressed him, put on his s 2 , carried him on my back and walked o 3 . Soon he fell asleep. About 20 minutes later, I found one of his shoes l 4 while sleeping. I took him off my back and put him down. I knew we needed to find that shoe because our mum c 5 buy new shoes. We had to go back to find i 6 . So I told my brother to wait right there. A man heard it and s 7 me just before I walked away. He asked me, “You are leaving your brother to find the shoe? What would you d 8 if he is not here when you come back?” I did not know how to answer that question. He said again, “Its OK if you cant find the shoe, b 9 it is not OK to lose your brother.” Then he sent us to mums workplace by taxi.

I do not even remember what the mans face looked like, but he taught me a lesson—People are m 10 important than things.

1. y__________ 2. s__________ 3. o__________ 4. l__________ 5. c__________

6. i__________ 7. s__________ 8. d__________ 9. b__________ 10. m__________

- Passage 2 -

I am Jackie Lee, an American Chinese. Let me tell you about my grandfathers life story.

My grandfather was b 1 in 1932 and grew up in a poor village in Fujian, China. At the age of 14, he first heard of America. It was said to be the land of gold and poor people could easily become r 2 there.

So, my grandfather came to America. “I had thought it was easy to m 3 money in America,” he told me.“But when I a 4 in Los Angeles, I realized it was not true. I couldnt find a good job because I spoke little English. I wanted to go to a language school to learn English, b 5 I couldnt afford it. Later, I worked in a small r 6 , serving the guests, cleaning up the tables, washing the dishes and sweeping the floors. I was s 7 a helpful and honest worker that my boss was pleased with me. I was popular with my workmates, t 8 . Life became easier and in the end I entered an evening school to learn English.”

My grandfather kept working hard, and finally made h 9 dream come true. Things do not come easily in life. That is what I have learned f 10 my grandfather.

1. b__________ 2. r__________ 3. m__________ 4. a__________ 5. b__________

6. r__________ 7. s__________ 8. t__________ 9. h__________ 10. f__________

- Passage 3 -

Are you the only children in your family? If so, youre the most important person in your family. Parents are the c 1 people to you in the world. But a lot of middle students have a p 2 . They feel theyre not as close to their parents as before. They even dont think their parents are f 3 to them.

Some students complain that their parents s 4 a lot to them, but never listen to them. Some say their parents dont a 5 them to play computer games when other classmates are doing that. O 6 say when theyre making phone calls to their friends, their parents even ask if theyre s 7 to a boy or a girl. These make them unhappy.

Some students even d 8 to leave home when they have done something wrong. Theyre afraid to tell their parents the t 9 , especially when they do badly in exams. Then they usually think running away is the only c 10 . But they dont know running away may bring them some more problems.

1. c__________ 2. p__________ 3. f__________ 4. s__________ 5. a__________

6. O__________ 7. s__________ 8. d__________ 9. t__________ 10. c__________

- Passage 4 -

Do you know how to make friends with a group of people? Let me t 1 you the steps about making friends with the group. Maybe its h 2 to you.

First, you need to know what k 3 of group they belong to. If people of the group are shy, never ask them “Why dont you talk?” or “Why are you quiet?” They dont like it, so d 4 do it.

N 5 , remember that each group is different. They will use different words, find different things funny.

Then, the important thing is that you should try to be outgoing (外向的). I 6 you are outgoing, you will become very popular. Remember, n 7 wants to make friends with a quite shy person.

F 8 , find a right topic to talk with the group. For example, you can ask people w 9 they will do before the weekend, but dont make plans at once. S 10 things can change, so just talk with them.

1. t__________ 2. h__________ 3. k__________ 4. d__________ 5. N__________

6. I__________ 7. n__________ 8. F__________ 9. w__________ 10. S__________

- Passage 5 -

Once there was a lovely vegetable field with a very big tree in it. Both the vegetables and the t 1 made the garden look wonderful.

No one knew that the vegetables in the field and the tree couldnt get on well with each other. The vegetables h 2 the tree. They thought the tree did not leave them e 3 light to survive. On the other hand, the tree hated the vegetables. He complained that the vegetables drank nearly all the water b 4 it could get to him.

The situation became worse and worse. One day, the vegetables got angry and decided to use up all the w 5 in the ground so that the tree would dry up. The tree fought back by refusing to give the vegetables shade (树荫) from the hot sun. Soon they both began to dry up.

Neither of them thought that the gardener would stop watering his vegetable f 6 when he saw it becoming worse. When the gardener did that, the tree and the vegetables really felt how t 7 they were. There seemed to be no ways to solve the problem, but one of the vegetables, a small pumpkin r 8 what was going on, and decided to deal with it. Though there was little water and it was too hot, the little pumpkin did all he could to grow... F 9 he grew very big, the gardener noticed that and started watering the field again because he wanted to win the beautiful big pumpkin competition. At the same time, the tree and the vegetables grew better. They realized that it was better to help each other than to f 10 .

From then on, they worked together and lived in harmony with these around them.

1. t__________ 2. h__________ 3. e__________ 4. b__________ 5. w__________

6. f__________ 7. t__________ 8. r__________ 9. F__________ 10. f__________

- Passage 6 -

Leo and his father didnt talk for 10 years. 10 years ago, Leos mother d 1 . He thought it was his father who caused his mothers illness. He hated his father.

Now they were sitting in a nice c 2 shop. Suddenly his father asked the waiter to put some salt in his coffee. Leo was surprised. His father smiled and said, “Before you were born, your mother and I often had f 3 playing in the sea. We could taste the sea, just l 4 the taste of the salty coffee. Every time I have salty coffee, I always think of your mother. I m 5 her so much.”

Leo was deeply moved (感动). He never knew his father had such deep l 6 for his mother. One month later, he moved to live w 7 his father. Every time he made coffee for him, he put some salt in the coffee.

After 10 years, his father died. Leo received a l 8 which said, “Dear Leo, please forgive my lifes lie — the salty coffee. Actually at that t 9 I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to change, so I just went ahead. Now let me t 10 you the truth. I dont like salty coffee, but I drink salty coffee for 10 years! Having you with me is the biggest happiness of my whole life.”

1. d__________ 2. c__________ 3. f__________ 4. l__________ 5. m__________

6. l__________ 7. w__________ 8. l__________ 9. t__________ 10. t__________

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