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Selection method of pneumatic diaphragm pump:

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Selection method of pneumatic diaphragm pump:

The type of valve body is an important link in the selection of diaphragm pump. There are many valve bodies of aro pneumatic diaphragm pump.

(1) The shape and structure of the valve core are mainly considered according to the flow characteristics and unbalanced force.

(2) When the fluid medium is suspension containing high concentration of abrasive particles, the wear resistance is improved.

(3) The corrosion-resistant medium is corrosive. Under the condition of meeting the regulation function, the valve with simple structure shall be selected as far as possible.

(4) Medium temperature and pressure when the medium temperature and pressure change greatly, the valve core and seat with less material affected by temperature and pressure shall be selected.

Selection method of pneumatic diaphragm pump:(图1)

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